Job 2485 OpenClonk

Document the zoom factor in Graphics.8.png in sdk/definition/index by Julius Michaelis

changeset authored at 2018-04-11 23:41:32

job enqueued at 2018-04-11 23:39:16 (repository watcher)

Job 2484 OpenClonk

fix a bunch of suspicious assignment warnings by Maikel de Vries

changeset authored at 2018-04-09 09:53:55

job enqueued at 2018-04-09 09:54:18 (repository watcher)

Job 2483 OpenClonk

Find_Property: Implement searching for specific value (#2021) by Lukas Werling

changeset authored at 2018-04-08 13:00:27

job enqueued at 2018-04-08 13:00:36 (repository watcher)

Job 2482 OpenClonk

Replaced old calls to GainMissionAccess by Mark

changeset authored at 2018-04-05 17:36:50

job enqueued at 2018-04-05 18:25:29 (repository watcher)

Job 2481 OpenClonk

Fix zoom setting by PlayerStart object by Sven Eberhardt

changeset authored at 2018-04-05 02:59:04

job enqueued at 2018-04-05 03:00:00 (repository watcher)

Job 2480 OpenClonk

Add version parameter to legacy warning by Mark

changeset authored at 2018-04-04 19:49:39

job enqueued at 2018-04-04 19:50:13 (repository watcher)

Job 2479 OpenClonk

Remove warning on assignment in while() conditions (for now) by Nicolas Hake

changeset authored at 2018-04-04 19:42:24

job enqueued at 2018-04-04 19:42:46 (repository watcher)

Job 2478 OpenClonk

Use SetNextScenario() in the scenarios by Mark

changeset authored at 2018-04-04 19:22:04

job enqueued at 2018-04-04 19:22:44 (repository watcher)

Job 2477 OpenClonk

cable cars: make crossing proper structure and resource chute upgrade by Maikel de Vries

changeset authored at 2018-04-02 14:03:52

job enqueued at 2018-04-02 15:57:35 (repository watcher)

Job 2476 OpenClonk

New coal texture by Mark

changeset authored at 2018-04-01 18:29:54

job enqueued at 2018-04-01 18:30:16 (repository watcher)

Job 2475 OpenClonk

Extract Goal_MultiRoundMelee from HotIce by Lukas Werling

There are currently multiple multi-round scenarios in development that all copy most of HotIce's >500-line scenario script for the multi-round logic. This commit isolates that logic in a goal with an easy-to-use interface.

changeset authored at 2018-03-31 13:59:19

job enqueued at 2018-03-31 14:08:50 (repository watcher)

Job 2474 OpenClonk

cable cars: scenario saving for cable car by Maikel de Vries

changeset authored at 2018-03-31 09:33:08

job enqueued at 2018-03-31 09:46:58 (repository watcher)

Job 2473 OpenClonk

cable cars: fix network recreation when cable has broken by Maikel de Vries

changeset authored at 2018-03-30 08:54:41

job enqueued at 2018-03-30 08:58:51 (repository watcher)

Job 2472 OpenClonk

Merge pull request from ckanibal:slashfix by Nicolas Hake

Slashfix (GH-68)

changeset authored at 2018-03-29 12:48:45

job enqueued at 2018-03-29 12:51:47 (repository watcher)

Job 2471 OpenClonk

Fix documentation of OverlayType by Lukas Werling

Bit 3 (C4MatOv_Monochrome) was removed in fc5c38468 ("Material: Remove color field, use textures as is", 2009), but was still mentioned in the documentation.

changeset authored at 2018-03-27 17:18:06

job enqueued at 2018-03-27 17:20:44 (repository watcher)

Job 2470 OpenClonk

Warn on assignments where an expression is expected by Nicolas Hake

This introduces a new diagnostic (suspicious_assignment) which issues when an the compiler finds an assignment either where a condition is expected or as the parameter to return.

changeset authored at 2018-03-27 06:12:21

job enqueued at 2018-03-27 08:17:06 (repository watcher)

Job 2469 OpenClonk

docs: Drop major version part from <version>s by Lukas Werling

The actual release names dropped the 5.x.x scheme long ago, so there is no reason to keep it in the docs. It's extra confusing there because the version is given as a two-part version (e.g. 5.1) most of the time, so it looks like everything happened in OC 5.x, even though the change was actually in OC x.0.

changeset authored at 2018-03-24 22:13:08

job enqueued at 2018-03-24 22:23:17 (repository watcher)

Job 2468 OpenClonk

docs: Implement client-side search by Lukas Werling

Search is now performed with a pre-computed index file. This commit removes the old PHP-based search.

changeset authored at 2018-03-23 20:15:37

job enqueued at 2018-03-23 20:23:59 (repository watcher)

Job 2467 OpenClonk

Fix axe by Mark

changeset authored at 2018-03-22 21:12:00

job enqueued at 2018-03-22 21:12:25 (repository watcher)

Job 2466 OpenClonk

Fix the most horrible merge I've done yet by Nicolas Hake

changeset authored at 2018-03-21 12:34:13

job enqueued at 2018-03-21 12:35:04 (repository watcher)